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How to hard Reset Nokia X7

Today you will learn how to Reset the mobile phone Nokia X7
There are two ways to hard Reset Nokia X7, namely:
The first method, which will reset the factory of the phone which do not clear the pictures or songs or video or anything, just return the phone to the status of the factory settings: press on the code * # 7780 # and then the phone will restart and you will see that the phone has become ready to work again after the seizure
The second method which is the way the work of a full Reset of the device including true that the internal memory which is explained below:
 First turn off the device.
Press and hold Answer + Reject + Camera keys.
Turn on the device by pressing the ON button until the Nokia logo appear and it is done.

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Unknown said...

you say: answer+reject+camera???
the mobile have only:up+down voulume-power-camera-menu only??
where is the answer and reject ????

jinniboi said...

haha.. nice..

Bikeypikey said...

Thanks a lot for this. I thought I'd have to visit a Nokia Service Centre after installing Melon Mobile Auto Lock. Powered on this morning and the phone hung. Got to work, got here, held the camera & answer buttons, hit power on and voila, problem solved. A BIG THANK YOU!

efath ara chowdhury said...

This is really wonderful posting about nokia x2 hard reset

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